Are you Guys Familliar with


my Defense+ detected that 3GP PLAYER has a Possible MALWARE ACTIVITY. I configure my Firewall for 3GP at OUTGOING and LIMITED for my Defense+

Need your Assistance guys!

3GP player is safe and if you read the D+ warning it said possible malware activity but if you know the program and trust it then allow it. But if you research it you will find people hate it. Why are you using it when there are so many better alternatives. I actually never heard of it and I have used them all. D+ saying something is possible malware is normal even on programs you know and trust.

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Thank you for a nice Reply. Yeah… I will continue using 3GP but I Set Limitation on it for security. I will be waiting for some more comments here b4 Trusting 3GP Player because it has a Built in Browser that’s the very reason why I dough it.

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Honestly I would not use it. I use Winamp. Well known and very trusted.

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The built-in Web Browser of my 3GP is powerfully controlled by my Firewall and Defense+ The thing is… Have you heard 3GP PLAYER for a Malicious case before?


I sent you a link. I never heard of it a personally I wouldn’t use it. Always stick with well known and trusted software.


I checked the link, that was the link where I downloaded my 3GP PLAYER. It seems like a kind to trust program BUT… for almost a year, this is the first time my CFP3 reacts… that the 3GP has a possible malicious activity!


i use 3gp. its completely safe.