my D+ log please look thanks. [Solved]

OK this is wired file i think its windows defender if it is what can i do about this? i think it is windows defender updating itself before a auto scan as i did a search on the file and it says its windows defender. not sure how to handel this one.

Microsoft update for Windows Defender., i would allow it…

mpengine.dll is > Microsoft Malware Protection Engine

how do i allow something i get no alert for ? i just checked my logs and it was in there i have my scan set to go off at 2 AM so if i did get a alert it was then. any whey to allow these two things without a alert? I’m not sure were they are located.

I’ve PM’d You Further Details,

Once Alert Comes Up Check Remember Answer then click allow then ok

Windows Defender isn’t worth much nowadays anyways. I suggest using SAS and MBAM. I think I told you this before frogger. Hows everything else going? BTW Avast takes care of your real time spyware and I do know you have that installed. Also frogger use this for your screen shots and just attach them into your thread box.

what is SAS and MBAM? haven’t herd of them before do you think i should uninstall WD and everything else is going good so far i haven’t seen that odd D+ alert on log of in a while i love comodo.

SuperAntiSpyware - I use it as my primary Scanner,,
our opinion yes we think it would be best on performance and other system abilities

is the free version of that spyware program any good ? and beeings i have avast do i need to worry much about real time mallware protection?

See here. Both are free. Real time protection is what costs but yo do not need it. Also check out the other link I posted.

Hi Guys,

To add few things to the lists of SW provided by Vettetech :

1) a-squared Free is present if you go through all subsequent links mentioned above but I think it is worth to have more explicit reference
“Best Free Trojan Scanner/Trojan Remover” is the title there but it did extremely well according to the lastest official tests and in addition- currently best in Rogue SW identification

  1. regarding MBAM - good stuff as well Plus they have separate free Rogues detector/remover

At the same time be aware of one unpleasant bug there:

If something happened with connection during mbam’s DB update - you are left without DB.
You cannot re-scan having the old DB until connection reestablished and current DB re-downloaded.
I reported that “few versions ago” …but … (current v1.24) Sure that will be fixed someday


This thread can now be closed all is resolved god bless all and thanks for help.


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thx to all people who helped him out