My CPF is corrupted [Resolved]

I didn’t realize it until this morning however CPF has apparently been blocking my virus updates since last Wednesday. Today it blocked me from reaching my own domain. I confirmed this by closing it then updating my AV (by Avira) and accessing my domain.

What is the best way to identify the cause of the hiccup and repair it?

Log files. If CFP is blocking something, there should be a corresponding log entry.

If you can reproduce the issue at will, the best thing to do is clear the logs (right-click, select “clear all logs”) and take the steps to reproduce it. Then review the logs to see what is blocked.

If you want help reviewing the logs in any case, simply right-click an entry and select “Export to HTML.” Save the file and reopen it (it will open in your browser). Highlight approximately 6 entries at the time of the block, Copy, and then Paste into your post here.

If your external IP address appears in the logs (it will match what you see in the lower-right corner of your posts here), you may edit/mask it with “x” for privacy, if you like.


Many thanks LM. What happened was last week I has FireFTP open in Firefox and then opened another FTP desktop tool. It apparently corrupted a number of things. I thought it was only the FTP software, but I have had to reinstall my anti virus, CPF, my email, and Firefox, and Faster Fox. I’ve also uninstalled FireFTP. What a mess.

Have the steps you’ve taken resolved the issue? All is well now?


Thanks very much LM. Yes, it was an ordeal, but all is well again!
kind regards and gratitude,

Glad to hear it! I will go ahead and mark the topic as resolved and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.