My concerns about the BOClean forum part

To the Admins and Mods.

Hey guys. I want to express my concerns about the he BOClean forum part. With Rick aka ~cat~ we have/had a good Mod who is/was realy dedicated to that part of the forum, but we haven’t seen much of him lately. I don’t know if he is still with us, but apparently there where no arangements made for his absense. As you can see members start posting more and more in the FAQ ( It shouldn’t be possible for members to post there in the first place ! ) and no Admin/Mod is moving those posts to the place where they should be. Sometimes I ask a Mod to move/split a post/topic, and they always do that with no questions asked, but in fact it is a crazy situation that I have to do that. So my question to you guy’s is : What are you going to do about it ? And a tip from me : Maybe you should reconsider the way you are organised. And don’t look only for Expert Admins/Mods, but for some organisation skilled people as well !

Greetz, Red.

P.S. And please don’t ask me the obvious question. I already answered that to Ewen a long time ago.

Hi Red

I appreciate all the hard work you put in and the good advice you have been giving on the BOClean forum. If you are not interested in becoming a moderator do you have any suggestions of someone who may be experienced enough with it and able to take over while Cat is away?


Hey John :slight_smile:

No need to thank me, I just like the little program and do what I can. Last year when Comodo took over BOClean I had two persons in mind who would be great to have as a Mod. The first one was already asked by Comodo : TonyKlein. But he didn’t want the job, so Comodo asked Rick and he realy proved himself :slight_smile: But my other choice was someone else. I can only tell you that he knows that I was thinking of him, and he appreciated that I trusted him. He never told me if he would like to do it, but he is a well known person in the security community, a long time user of BOClean, and has a good relation with Kevin as well. So if Comodo is looking for someone I can always ask him ( again :wink: ).

Greetz, Red.

I just asked ctrlaltdelete if he would be in for it. And he told me again he appreciated it that I thought of him, but that he is very busy. He told me what he is doing now, and I can understand that he has not the time for it. Too bad “grote vriend”, you would be the right person for the job :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.