my computer's slow

i think i haven’t created a topic in a while & i run out of idea how to increase my post count ;D
so here i am…my laptop is slow ;D
i have 54 running processes & 6 autorun items 88)

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that looks like my notebook ;D

Have you tried a defrag?

this is a relatively new laptop, i have a lot of HDD free space.
and yes, i use Iobit ASC (and it includes iobit registry defrag) & Iobit smart defrag. yes i use IOBIT 88)
at home i have a PC with similar specs, except it’s running XP & no security softwares. huge difference 88)

Wait… that is almost the same model as my notebook… ;D

You like the Touch screen?

Im shocked its a 32bit system, mine is 64bit.
Is the Graphics card ATI Radeon 3200 HD?

There was a AMD service that was making System Idle Process use a ton of CPU on my notebook.

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admit it, mine is the latest model,yours kinda outdated ;D

pfft, touchscreen? barely touch it, except when i want to demonstrate to my friend about “how a finger can left smudgy fingerprint” 88)

yep, ATI radeon 3200HD 88)

They why is yours the slowest ;D

Check if System Idle Process is using a lot of CPU.

Also update your graphics drivers.

GANDA’s mini laptop is getting slow~~~~! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU
;D ;D ;D
I know why.

errr…how much is a lot? 88)

Also update your graphics drivers.
does it really affect speed? cos i'm not comfortable playing with "driver". last time i tried updating bluetooth driver,not a nice experience 88)

pffttt >:(

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Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

well 60% idle = 40% not idle what’s eating the 40%?

Wauw, ronny is got his master in mathematics ;D, but it would be interesting to know. (is CIS updating ?)

Ganda, the services I use are only needed in W7, it will be more or less the same in vista I’m sure. It will still make sure everything works while shutting down some stupid services like remote registry and such.
(you have to keep print spooler enabled if you use a printer though)


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I found your problem: Vista… :-*


And I found answer! Windows 7!

Hmm Ganda your better off getting a update or clean install to windows 7 ;D

If you get on eVPN from that PC… I maybe able to help you.

We’re all here to help ! >:( Add me Ganda ! >:(



first of all…what’s EVPN? ;D
second, no OS switching for me, switching OS means downloading new drivers, i have slow internet connection 88)

interesting, but i didn’t have to disable anything in XP (the home PC) to achieve rocket-speed 88)



Ever heard of it? 88)

I didn’t have to download new drivers for Win7. :stuck_out_tongue:


Poor ganda. He needs a cookie.

ok, i’ve just made an account. so?.. 88)

are you sure the win7 installer contains all the drivers needed? 88)
this is laptop,it comes with preinstalled junks & weird hardwares 88)

I only needed my graphic card driver :).


This is the best chance we ever had to get rid of Ganda ;D Go for it boys, and f**k up his laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.