guy i gotta share my setup with you. i use comodo v3 as front line defense. only setting i changed was alert status to high, and firewall to custom policy mode. i was frustrated with all the pop ups so i reinstalled it and didnt touch anything lol. anyways for anti virus i use Avira and for malware blocker im using threat fire.

I have takin almost 45 test on the net and not 1…ONE, has failed yet. the only one that came close was the popup blocker. check this, when i did the grc leaktest ALL THREE PROGRAMS started going NUTZ. So even though comodo gave a generic message you know it was malware from the threatfire…anyways i just thought i would share my success.

now that i feel ive accomplished top notch security anyone wanna give me some help with anonymous surfing. thanks guy

ps is just joined here sorry should have introduced myself first. Im JC 21 years old aquarius and in the USAF lol Take it easy guys

EDIT>>> i just did symantecs lol the first time it blocked it so hard it couldnt even tell what version of ie i was using and wouldnt install the software…so after i toned it down and got the software installed i turned it back up and it blocked them so hard they couldnt pick up my av software!!! but my av software showed them! hehe man i love this stuff