my computer is making a strange noise

hi there ,
i am new to comodo antivirus and now that i have got it in my computer, i find there is a whirling noise coming out of the base unit a bit like the fan revving up a bit, going too fast etc!, would anyone know what that could be, i have never had this before and its only happened since i put comodo on the computer, i have a windows 7 about a year old.

                                         regards   john

well i am disapionted nobody has replied to the letter, anyhow i have got rid of comodo and put in adaware. now that i have got rid of it, the base unit does not make that strange noise.

Hi John,
I am sure that some developers & experienced users will reply

At the same time please always provide more info about your system in addition to just “win 7”

  • What platform? (32bit or 64bit)?
  • What Service Pack?
  • What Comodo Software is installed & what version? (just AV ? or what modules are active in case it’s full CIS?)
  • Are you running any other security(ies) in addition that have real-time enabled?
  • …Etc…

I’m not using Comodo’s AV, but

(Leaving aside at the moment some possible hardware issues) the noise can be indeed generated by fan when running, say AV (any) scan, because that’s pretty much heavy process that makes CPU suffer :wink:
Different security may make less or more pressure on CPU load (you can provide that info as well, say by posting image of CPU spikes during CAV’s scan)

As above, if you are running "other security with real-time “OnAccess” enabled - that will for sure make your CPU red hot! & you have a chance hearing horrible noises :slight_smile:

So please - more info about the system & what is (was) running

That is a different story which deserves a separate thread to be created,
… meaning
What adaware? Have you caught it when Comodo was installed? Why you’ve got read of Comodo?..
That’s not clear at all

My regards