My Computer is infected! Weird issues are happening! What should I do?

Typical symptoms of an infected computer are:

1 - Slow computer: Your computer is so slow and seems to be doing a lot of background work,
2 - When you try to install or run some applications, especially security software, they always fail and give errors
3 - While browsing you see different search pages, toolbars or some pages especially those of security software vendors do not seem to work,
4 - You security software continuously report a threat but cant clean it,

These symptoms are not the only symptoms that you may be observing. Sometimes, there can be no symptoms at all.

Under any circumstances, you need to make sure your computer is not infested or even if it is, it can be cleaned properly.

In order to do so, you should use free COMODO Cleaning Essentials:

1 - Download COMODO Cleaning Essentials from one of the links below:

Download Locations:

2 - Run a Smart Scan or a Full Scan and follow the directions shown(Press and hold SHIFT key while running CCE.exe to force it to run in aggressive mode)

3 - After steps 1 & 2, if there are any infections, they will be cleaned. However if you are still having problesm, then you should run Tools->Killswitch to see what is going on in your computer.

Killswitch is going to let you see all the activity from processes with their ratings to autorun entries. It allows you to disregard anything safe and provides a good basis for you to get help from this forum.

We will be continuously updating this post for more tips.


Edit: I updated the download links. Eric

is CCE 2 out of beta??

You can still use it as it is. We use it in-house.

yup, i’m using it… i’m using kill switch 2 and autorun analyzer… thanx to CIS … I am protected :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I would post this useful thread here Comodo Forum as well.

I updated the download links in egemen’s post to reflect the latest versions.

kullanmış olduğum bir programı sandbox içine kısmen limitli olarak aldı ve programı hiçbir şekilde kullanamıyorum. yardım istiyorum.

Hacer Merhaba,

Hemen yardımcı olalım.

Advaced Settings ( Gelişmiş Ayarlar ) e girerek, Güvenlik Ayarları > Dosya Değerlendirme > Dosya Listesi ne girebilir , buradan dosyayı bulup üstüne gelerek değerlendirmesini değiştirebilirsin ( Tanımlanamayan olarak gözükmekte olan değerlendirmenin Güvenilir olarak değiştirilnmesi gerekir.)

Farklı konularda sorun olacak olursa 7/24 canlıd estek hizmetini ve TR forumu da kullanabilirsin: Comodo Forum


Hacer merhaba,

Türkçe kısımda yeni rehberler hazırlanıyor. Kullandığın programı “Güvenilenler” listesine eklemelisin. Bu şekilde sandbox tekrar bu program üzerinde çalışamyacaktır.

Yukarıda verdiğim lnkte nasıl yapacağın görsellerle anlatılmış. O dosyayı bize bir şekilde ulaştırabilir misin?

Güvenli günler,

Gentlemen please only speak in English in the international part of the board. If you want to communicate in your native language please do so in the sub board of it.

At Buket. You are responding to a post from 2012. :wink:

I tried this after I downloaded comodo antivirus, stopped some suspicious files from running in start up and processes, but all of this only did half the job and I still get fake advertisements that I can’t close normally. There’s nothing I can do anymore but ask for help.

Try scanning with adwcleaner, Malwarebytes Antimalware and Super Antispyware. That will most likely do the trick for you.

Thank you so much Eric! It took a while for the anti virus programs to download and scan, as it turned out that I actually needed all three of them to get rid of those ad trackers and Trojans, so all my problems are gone! Well… all the problems the scanners could find anyway. It seems I have a browser link redirect virus and I have no idea how to get rid of it, the scanners are not picking up such viruses, and I was told by multiple websites Malwarebytes could do the job but it isn’t. Can you help again, please

Try Hitman Pro and Norton Power Eraser and see if they can do the job.