My computer is infected in the system and i have a root infection, help !

something has caused an erroneous prompt and there by causing my system to be slow to boot.
the event track shows I have got an email from someone whose system was infected.
In event viewer I see several red X 's and several Errors listed. ( i have screen prints of these if needed)
The registry files are coming up as corrupted.
The host file is also corrupted , which needs to be replaced
The junk files have also multiplied as .exe files thereby forming adwares.
I Have tried to download something recently, several pdf files and program updates.
I fear my computer will end into a critical stage later.

comodo has locked up a couple of files and quarantined. But the major virus that has come up as root kit in the master boot record

I’m having trouble with a windows update for office I think?. I don’t have office but windows wants me to take this update? will that cause this problem or is just another problem?
the java updates also are unabled due to which the operating system is not getting a platform to work,
actually the files have multiplied and re multiplied which needs to be stopped as the dlll files are detrimental to system

the super anti spy software I have installed is functional but the malware bytes is nonfunctional now
How do I proceed? how do I cure my computer? tell me step by step. and I’ll keep you up to date with my progress.
I am using Windows XP Pro version 2002 with service pack 3 and comodo internet security premium.

Before starting, run ccleaner first

Then just follow the steps here, This works for most people :slight_smile:

If you get stuck somewhere or something, feel free to ask