My computer crashes since last COMODO update

I’m trying to figure out why my computer has started to crash periodically since the last COMODO update.

I’m using COMODO v 3.13.120417.573 with Windows XP.

I set “My Computer” to NOT automatically restart, and Write debugging information is set to (none). In so doing, my last crash indicates there is a problem:

Technical Information
***Stop: 0x00000050 (0xE31360000,0x00000000,0xB9EBEF0C,0x000000001)

My Questions:

  1. How do I print a copy of the dump?
  2. Where should I post the dump to receive some help with the problem?
  3. Did a COMODO update cause this problem?
  4. Can I just reload the CBUFS.sys file from the Microsoft site?

Any suggestions you can provide will be appreciated, thanks…

It’s not CIS that’s causing this, it’s Comodo Backup this driver belongs to CB and is known to cause trouble.

Are you on the latest release of 2.1.x ? if so please remove synchronized backups and if that doesn’t work i guess only uninstalling CB is the solution, but please post a bug report for it first if you are on the latest version.

Dump files are written to c:\windows\minidump

Okay, thanks for the reply.
I’ll let you know what happens…