My computer buzzes!

Another computer problem: 88)

My computer/laptop buzzes. Yeah.

At first, when I pushed down on the back left, where the fan is, it buzzed. Now the buzz happens whenever the fan starts. It is a terrible noise!


I opened up the computer, but the thing where the fan was, was covered by metal. I didn’t know how to fix it…

Any help?

I have a PowerPoint to do soon, and I don’t want my computer to buzz. 88)

pfftt, first the battery, and then the fan 88)
maybe dust? :-La

Maybe, but I can’t get in it to clean. >.>

I once had a small dead fly inside the cooling vent (laptop). The PC was heating up like mad. I finally managed to had it out with a powerful vacuum cleaner (that’s how I found out it was a bloody fly).

Hmm…I wonder if I have a powerful enough vacuum.

get it fixed, bring it to computer store 88) or get a new laptop 88)

I’ve heard bad things about what computer stores do… 88)

But I do want a new laptop. ;D

Um…too bad it costs money (duh)…but you’ll pay for it, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I found out something:

I have a “cooling pad.” This pad is something which my laptop sits on, and it ■■■■ air on the underside of the laptop.

This pad presses the underside of the laptop in places it wouldn’t be pressed if it was sitting normally.

So without the pad, the buzzing doesn’t occur.

But still, I dislike the buzzing. I had only opened up on panel of my laptop, now I’ll open the other (this night, as I always turn off my PC at night).

If I position the laptop just right, the cooling pad won’t press it in that spot and it will be fine.

aaah, i’ve had the exact same problem with you (when i was still using the stolen toshiba laptop :cry: )
it’s the pad, not the laptop. usually you can unplug & replug the fanpad & the buzzing would be gone.

Um…I don’t think it is the pad that is making the noise. It is just pushing the laptop.

If I push the laptop myself, I can make the noise.

Replugging the pad won’t do anything.

duh 88) ok, problem solved then. get a new cooling pad :-TU
last time i bought it, it cost only $4 :-La

I could get a new pad, but I’d rather eliminate the buzzing altogether. 88)

Anyway, I can position the pad to not buzz (at least not much).