My Computer and Trust Connect

Good Morning…recently I purchased Comodo. My specific question has to do with Trust Connect. After downloading it, a warning box appears saying that if I continue to download Trust Connect that my computer may not operate the same at some point between now ans somewhere down the road. Is this just a Windows thing to not want Trust Connect installed? Appreciate any/all help!

Hello SemperFidelisTJ31! (:HUG)

You have bought the PRO version of CIS? 8)
If so you has the right to support in the following fields by comodo:

*  Security & Protection Services
* Setup and Installation
* PC Tune-up and Green Configuration
* Computer & Printer Troubleshooting
* 24/7 Chat Support

Ask them to help you with the setup of trust connect if you are experiencing problems with the setup, Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account ← got one of those?

otherwise check And scrool down the page and check for “Start A chat session”… click there and you will get in touch with a comodo employee who probably can help you much better than I can!. (:LOV) (:LOV)

Hi and welcome,

It would be very helpful if you posted an image of the warning box, or at least the exact text it displays.