My Comodo wont stop updating all day every day

Hi I am having this problem. Every time I reconnect to the internet my Comodo free antivirus/firewall software)latest Version) Updates completes, I do a restart. then reconnect to internet, updating again… finishes, dont restart this time, updates again… I have had for 3 days and have done 13 updates so far. I have the latest update installed. I turned it on again just now, connected to internet, browsing around for a while then starts updating again the same update it says is already installed on there. Im serious it just does not stop. and I have updates turned off… is this A bug. because it not only takes 95% of my connection but uses 90% of my PF memory… what can I do about this, or is it just the product… ?

thankyou so much for your help and offering us free security product. for people that just cant afford a box of matches let alone a security suite

Hi brennox,

Do you have more system details, OS, version 32/64bit other security software etc?
My guess would be your on Vista/Win7 and are facing VirtualStore issues…