My Comodo got hacked and changed?

A few weeks ago the appearance of Commodo CIS changed on my desktop computer. THe coloring of the program, the icons, etc changed. THe commodo on my laptop has not changed. SOmthing strange thats been happening on the desktop, around the same time, is when i log onto facebook, facebook tells me im logging in from a different computer each time, everytime. I use AT&T internet. Have i been hacked?

looks like you updated to version 5 :smiley: is that what you are talking about, it looks ok to me.

Ok good lol. I was just curious cause it auto updated on my desktop and not my laptop. Thanks for the help.

CIS doesn’t auto-update. It will tell you that there is an update, but you have to manually tell it to update.

Comodo did asked if the user wanted “an” update. At this point I also accepted, since i assumed it would be updaing the virus db definition. Then this happened:

All the programs in my windows firewall got copied into a new line, making each program appear twice in my firewall settings. The new added lines are having the oposite setting of what the programs used to have. Making all the programs have the ability to send and recieve from my local network, they were set for treat as public.
Now i can not disable the new added lines anymore.

Also in the allowed vendor list inside comodo dozens of vendors appeared from which I never have purchased nor downloaded software, yet comodo states they were added by USER, and I never added any :S.

In learning mode, as well as safe mode I can install a program and comodo doesn’t ask anything nomore. My scanner is set to active.

Trying to use a much used “Mounting” tool i get errors from the tool itself, while comodo does not inform me it is blocking this tool.

Should I reconsider the older / different version of comodo, and reinstall my windows?
Excuse me for any typos and lack of knowledge .

Personally i would uninstall your current installation from Add/Remove programs then do a complete fresh install from here

Your then starting from a clean slate, upgrading from different versions can sometimes create a mess so a clean install is the way to go.

What Mounting tool are you having issues with?


Thank you for your reply Matt.

The “Add and remove components” function i have seen many times, while searching for windows it’s own add and remove function , i found comodo uses the exact same name, a bit confusing.

The tool is deamon tools, the lite version. I read on their forum other scanners have issues with it as well. One of the users wrote “You need to entirely kill the virus scanner it’s process”.
I’d rather not kill comodo it’s process, especially not while watching downloaded movies.

I assume comodo blocks it for a good reason, but this new “Ninja” way of informing me I find difficult. I liked the former dragon roar way of getting informed.

Thanks a lot for the reinstall link Matt!