My Comodo firewall detects nothing

My Comodo does almost nothing. It does tell me my firewall is not functioning properly, but when I click on run diagnosis it tells me there are no problems.

There are 0 network defenses both inbound and outbound
There are 0 proactive defenses: 0 suspicious attempts, 0 applications running and 0 files waiting my review.

I am actually running emule, gomez peer and mailwasher and Firefox.

Is there something I was supposed to do and didn’t do?

I have run Comodo for two days.


Hello Sandy,

This is caused because the driver is not correctly loaded and/or installed.
As long as it keeps saying that it is “not functioning properly”.

What OS/Version/Language are you on ?
Are you running other Security software AV’s etc ?
Did something go wrong during the install ? Did you reboot as requested and have you had the popup after starting up for the first time, asking to go to Pro or chose “No thanks” ?