My Comodo Experience

First I have to say that you have done a great job with this firewall. It keeps baddies outside very well. :slight_smile:

But to give some negative feedback:

  1. You are not able to keep server with Comodo. If you want to you have to allow rule and that makes your computer more vulnerable for attacks and thats not good. You also cant be host in several games.
  2. It slows web browsing. Sometimes it took long time to load a website.
  3. Rules for one program should be behind one link. Now there’s about 8 times program called firefox.exe because some other programs have started firefox.

I changed back to Sygate. Everything works fine. I can host games and websites and websites loads up swiftly.

If you know how I can get those things work better for me, please tell me. I’ll be glad to change back to Comodo.


I can not comment this, I have never hosted a server or played a game with Comodo.

I have never noticed, that CPF would slow down browsing in comparision to Outpost Pro.
It can be due to a conflict with running software, bad rules you could create in Comodo, etc.
But since you have not input any details (browser, webpage), it can not be examined further.

This is something I like, because Outpost Pro can not do it, but you can choose to Skip Parent.
I disabled CC & Aplication Behaviour. You can set up Comodo as you like at cost lower security.

I’ve never seen such games I could not be host with CPF. That means You have bad rules for it.

My web browsing is slowed by userJS supported by Opera. When I turn it off, there is no anything slowing my web browsing.

That’s done for Your security. I’ve already failed one leaktest because I set rule “skip parent” to IE. It sent “<here_could_be_some_private_data>” to IE. So some trojan could send Your private data to some site and You will nothing know about it, because You skip parent application of Your web browser.

I've never seen such games I could not be host with CPF. That means You have bad rules for it.
In fact I did not try any games while using Comodo. Anyway, I can't host websites while using comodo and that ruins a great software imo.