My Comodo CLT

Hello I went through the accurate leak test page changed all my setting to the recommended ones and scored poorly to my expectations.

can someone help me clean this up and get a almost perfect score. Also I am wondering if anyone can help me protect and change ports for further protection. (I wont mind if it’s through remote assist)

OK so here is the info your wanting regarding my CLT.

after disabling sandbox
before with sandbox enabled

Win 7 pro 64 bit
Comodo Version 5.9.219863.2196
defense+ = safemode
all other setting were what was recommended in the tutorial.

Mbam Malwarebytes Anti-Malware pro full version

For some reason the CLT says I am running win vista.

I also would not mind knowing what other AV I can use with comodo that is not a real time to help protect myself better as well as some other adware , malware etc scanners as well as any good free (not trials) anti key logging software for 64 bit. (do not know if comodo CIS protects against this or not.)

Try reading through this guide to get accurate test results

Thank you for NOT reading my post.

oops missed that sorry

It’s all good :smiley:

CLT was developed before the release of Windows 7, so the result web-page that states that your OS is Vista may reflect the fact that Vista was latest known version of Windows when CLT was developed (My OS is also listed as Vista even though I am running Windows 7).

The guide posted here was developed for CIS 2011 (versions 5.0 to 5.8 ). The current CIS version (5.9, CIS 2012) has some new configuration options that are not discussed in the guide yet (e.g. Enhanced mode protection, Adaptive mode under low system resources, Do not show pop up alerts, etc.).

On Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit, I tested CLT against CIS 5.9.221665.2197 and scored 340/340 using the settings in the guide.
I obtained the same score regardless of whether “Enhanced mode protection” was enabled or disabled.
I also obtained the same score regardless of whether “Adaptive mode under low system resources” was enabled or disabled.

For every test executed by CLT, I received a pop-up alert that required my response. I blocked each alert, and scored 340/340.

I was able to produce results that were similar to those in the original post by enabling “Do not show pop up alerts” and by selecting “Allow Requests”.

Washboard, what settings do you have for “Do not show pop up alerts”?

After my second scan none show. I may have allowed them on my second scan , I have been trying to find the post where it tells you how to remove all the CLT stuff.

But all my setting where the exact same as yours in both scans with the exception of the second test with sandbox enabled.

however still wondering about:
other AV I can use with comodo that is not a real time to help protect myself better as well as some other adware , malware etc scanners as well as any good free (not trials) anti key logging software for 64 bit. (do not know if comodo CIS protects against this or not.)

The “post where it tells you how to remove all the CLT stuff” is the same Guide you referred to in your original post (and the link was provided in my post above). Perhaps you did not read the entire guide?
If you follow the guide, you should get 340/340. So, is this issue resolved? Are you getting 340/340 now?

If you have the settings correct (see this excellent tutorial), CIS will protect you against ANY type of malware (including spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, rootkit, keyloggers, worms, hijacks, backdoors, etc). CIS is one of the strongest and most thorough security programs available (in my opinion, CIS is the best).
It is certainly the best at preventing leaks (even on 64 bit) - see this test result. In the previous 32-bit leak tests by the same testing organization, CIS was best and beat every major and minor security suite, including Symantec/Norton.

So, CIS is all you need for security.

In general, you should not run two real-time antimalware programs at the same time. If you want other antimalware programs to run on-demand (as a second opinion), there are several free ones available. My personal favorites are:
—Hitman Pro


I read the entire guide the first time and followed the rules exactly. Which is why I posted. However I will do this again a second time and take screen of everything along the way so you can actually see for yourself since you do not seem to believe/read what I have originally posted.( No offense )

I have read all this and know this , been using it for years but have never tested it or correctly set it up like the guide due to insufficient computer knowledge with firewalls , was still wondering of a great on-demand AV.(better to have a real time and on demand) I scan monthly with an online scanner from trendmicro.

I know this which is why I stated I wanted one that was not real time in my last post. As I know that most anti malware programs differ from each other because of the way they scan or their database. So having somehting that is real time and on demand is better then just 1 that’s real time.

If you noticed I said I had the full version of malwarebytes which is a real time scanner I believe , is hitman Pro an on demand ?

Now I repeat I will go through the guide again and test again and take screens of everything like I said above and post my results yet again. Sorry if I am being to direct and sounding rude it’s not my intentions.

Out of curiosity, I loaded a clean Windows 7 x64 image, along with default install of CIS, without the AV. The only changes I made to CIS, post install, were:

  1. Change the security configuration to Proactive
  2. Disabled the Sandbox

After running CLT, four alerts were received, the initial alert is allowed and the three subsequent alerts are blocked. Result 340/340

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok so here is my screens of all my settings expect for the trusted files as I am not going to take 15+ screens to show I have now removed all the entries that contained CLT in the flile name. You will have to trust me I removed all the entries I went over the list 6 times.
On a side note has anyone suggested to comodo to make an option to export these lists ? as well as an option to search. I think both these option would help the user and anyone else in these forums wanting to diagnose someones problem.

restarting my machine now will post my results when the CLT is done.

Perfect Score Now
Maybe I did do something wrong the first time.

Still looking for answers on my other questions though.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The images you’re posting, for me at least, are to small and not very clear. Why don’t you just attach them, using additional options, with your reply, instead of using an image host…

That’s cause stupid image shack settings changed on my account and re-sized them to a 15 inc monitor. I am not gonna bother re-uploading as I got a perfect score this time anyways

I am not sure why you got the poor results on CLT initially. We will probably never know unless you can reproduce failures using the suggested settings. But, as long as you are getting a perfect score with CLT now, then I think all is good. :-TU

Hitman pro has a free version which is on-demand only. Hitman pro is an AV & antimalware with multiple engines in a single program (Ikarus, Emsisoft, G Data, and doctor web). Its detection is excellent, but it will not scan every file on your hard drive (it does a quick scan of critical areas).

There are a lot of free AV programs that you can download, turn off the realtime protection, and use them on-demand only. If you want the ability to scan every file on your system, then try one of the AV programs listed here.

You can disable the realtime protection in malwarebytes pro. Malwarebytes realtime has conflicted with some other realtime scanners. I have never tried malwarebytes realtime with CIS, so I do not know if there are any conflicts.

What other questions?

Y Thanks Whoop. ( especially for being patient )

Sorry if I was sounding a little condescending towards you , I can come off that way sometimes but it was never my intentions.

You answered everything I asked in my first post , however I do have some other questions I need to address.

  1. can you help me close ports and change ports , I am not to good at these things to much to remember. (changing and closing ports would help add more security right at my modem/router right ? )

  2. I am having an issue with changing a User folder name.
    I have tried changing the account name but the User folder stays named as the old one.
    I have searched google for an answer and no one seems to have an easy solution. (besides copying files over to a new account and hopping everything works correctly then deleting the old one) Not something I can do as I am very limited on space.

I was kinda hopping I could somehow rename the folder easier so I don’t have to make a new account and redo some of my theme settings etc.

If there is no easy way I may just have to do a reformat and make sure I use the New name (which is gonna be a big pain as I never back up) I thought there was sometime I could do it in the admin tools the one that does it at the network level.
Can not remember how to get it up through the run command. It’s a tool you normally have to tell the computer to install ( usually hidden in the OS from average users) It’s a snap in. MMC I think been awhile.

P.S. I have had no conflicts with the pro version of Mbam with CIS. I also read that article and noticed.

[i]I’ll also mention several popular free antivirus programs which I considered but did not include in the review because of low detection rates.

[b]Comodo AntiVirus (part of Comodo Internet Security)[/b] ( kinda scares me have things changed  ?)
PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition
Rising Antivirus Free Edition 2010