My Comodo Activation Code

I had been getting so many unwanted emails, that I decided to try to find a way to lessen them, and I found the Comodo website. I gave them my initial email information, and they have emailed me a welcome which included an Activation Code. There are a number of Comodo web pages, but I don’t know the one to use to be able to enter the activation code. I would like to be able to obtain the ingoing and outgoing email configurations from my email service provider but I don’t know how to access it. I have no difficulty getting into my Lycos email, but I don’t know how to obtain the configurations. And thirdly and lastly, I use public computers here at the library, and I am determined that I am going to get rid of unwanted emails using the method. I am allowed two, one hour computer sessions each day, and I feel confident that Comodo will work well for my Lycos email account, even though I use library computers. I am sure that I will receive alot of help from this point in time from not only computer knowledgable consumers, but I am sure that the Comodo people themselves would just love their firewall system to work for my email knowing that I use public computers. I wish that I would be as knowledgable about using Comodo as I am about being able to write. Thanking all of you for your input in advance, I am (Patience)

Hi patience, welcome to the forums.

You have posted this in CFPs (the firewall) Help section. As far as I’m aware… Comodo stopped supplying a separate key (via email) & included it in the Setup EXE. In short, you no longer need a key to activate CFP as it’s done automatically. But, based on your post, although you don’t directly state any product, I suspect that you could be talking about Comodo’s Anti-Spam application (I don’t know if that still uses a key via email).

Anyway, could you please confirm which product you’re using & which version you have? Thanks.

Hi patience

Although you’ve not replied yet, another Mod (thanks LM) has pointed out to me that you’re using a library (public) PC. Something that I missed. You can’t really install anything on a public PC (usually because you’re not allowed to & don’t have the required privileges anyway). What you need is a web based Anti-Spam solution (assuming that’s what we’re talking about). Anyway, I’ll wait for your confirmation.