My CEVPN IP show like this "Connecting..." ...?

I try to use CEVPN to LAN a PC game with my group, but i have some problem
My IP doesn’t show like 5.x.y.x, but it show “Connecting…” and i can’t see other IP,
so i can’t play my PC game T^T. Is someone has this problem like me?.
Thanks for every helps ^^

any firewall software is runing ?

I thinks too,but it’s not. Coz i turn off firewall completely but this probblem still happen.
Has any idea?, Thanks for help ^^

if u are using windows firewall, it’s ok. but if u have any otjer software, go to system process (use ctrl+alt+delete) and make sure there is no process from firewall.

another thing is … router connection. can u check other vpn software (like hamachi) is it connecting with any issiue ?