My BOClean won't update. Why? What am I going to do?

I thought everything was running perfectly until I checked BOClean on my system tray. It says that it’s last update was on 2007-11-26 14:04:33. I thought clicking the “Check for update” button would fix the problem, but whenever I try to do so, in the end it only says, “Downlaod not available at the moment. Try again” What’s wrong? any help will be appreciated.

micki_moldez08, You took the first and the right step :BNC

Welcome to the forums, now lets see if we can fix this problem. Bo Clean has been known to do this on some systems and there seem to be a few ways to work around it. First though, would you mind listing what version of Windows you’re running under (XP, Vista, etc.) and any other security applications you have running in real time. BoClean tends to act differently on different OS’s.

Also, if you don’t want to wait for an answer here, you can search for answers to your problem. It’s the little gray box under the news box. As I said before, this issue pops up from time to time and the search capabilities of the board itself seem to have improved enough so that one finds fairly relevant results. You can try using the “BoClean won’t update” terms. I have also seen this referred to as problems with the “time stamp”.


I’m running WindowsXP with SP2. The security apps use was ESET Smart Security together with BOClean. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

**I found VistaDrive.exe when I used taskmanager, I searched it on google and I found out that its a malware/trojan/backdoor. Now, I’m really confused here because My NOD32 smart security wasn’t able to detect it, I really hope my BOClean would update soon so that it could thwart the naughty malware.

Hi micki_moldez08 :slight_smile:

Did you read the FAQ ???

Update Issues

There are several posts on update problems with helpful answers.
Please read these first.
If you need to post after going through these, please include OS and CBO client information.

Is IE in “Offline” mode?,8280.0.html

Did you try the Updater in the startup folder?,8294.0.html

Did you give “Modify” and “Write” rights to the Limited users?,8280.0.html

Did you install in admin mode?
Have you rebooted?

Administrator cannot update:;msg68630#msg68630

The issue was IE - not Outlook Express - see:

Both links describe the IE issue. Interesting to note that the first linked KB article was last reviewed yesterday. Even though they both refer to IE 4 and/or 5, evidently the issue continued in IE6.
Also worthwhile noting that the issue does not appear to be resolved by MS, the registry change may not stick and they admit to such in the KB article.
Resetting :
HKEY_USERS\SID\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\GlobalUserOffline to 0 resolved the issue on all the boxes in question.

Here’s another solution to get Comodo BoClean to update.;msg65625#msg65625

Shutdown BOClean from systray.
Go to C:\Program Files\Comodo\CBOClean
Right-click BOC423.exe then click Properties.
Click the “Compatibility” tab
Under Privilege level
Check the box “run this program as administrator”
Click OK then close the properties.

Launch BOClean, right-click then click check for updates.

I hope it will help you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.