My BOClean software would not install [resolved]

My BOClean software come up with a message that the software version will be unsupported in 6 days. So I went your site and read up on the new software version.

I followed what is says, deactivated the old version and uninstalled it. I have done this before on prior updates.

I downloaded the new version 4.27 and installed it. It went through the process and on the last screen is pop up a message: BOClean needs to be installed cleanly. So I figured that old version was not cleanly uninstalled. I took the No option and rebooted my PC.

After reboot I checked my system tray and there’s no BOClean software. I checked the folder Program Files/BOClean, the folder is empty. I deleted the folder hoping that that is what is being checked by the new install. I started up REGEDIT and scanned for BOClean and deleted every instance I could find it.

I re-started the install and it still comes up with this message. What is wrong?

You really should read the message more carefully… Just select Yes instead of No if you uninstalled the previous version.

Hi ronbo2000 :slight_smile:

Doktornotor is right, just select Yes :slight_smile: But indeed, the message of BOClean can be confusing :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Well pretty much this should just go away and the upgrades between version shouldn’t require uninstalling the old version.

Yes, I did pick Yes on another try, then it came up with another pop up box that says: [Quote]Greetings! Thank you for choosing Comodo BOClean - Anti-Malware.

IMPORTANT! If you are running a previous version of BOClean, you need to uninstall it before installing this version of COMODO BOClean - Anti-Malware. This uninstaller will not be able to remove previous installations.
That’s why these two sets of messages are confusing. Anyway, I just ignored the double message and installed it. Talk about confusing install messages. :-[

but now it’s working properly right?
problem solved (:HUG)
lock & load O0
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