My BOClean Database is dead!

Something took my BOClean out and I am left with only a corrupted database alert on my screen. The bad database is the only thing I can find? How can I delete the database, so I can reload?

Hi True Blue

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The location of the BoClean database file on my machine is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC425\BOC425.XVU. It should be close to the same place on yours. If you delete that and reinstall you should be ok.


Here’s the secret … go to your start menu, then “programs” listing, then look for COMODO in the listings, COMODO BOClean and then look for “Updater.” Click on that, and it will go and try to download a good copy of the database. Once it says it’s done, then run BOClean and it SHOULD work again. Dunno why our server has been downloading so many bad updates lately, normally they’re VERY good at quality unless something burps on the connection. :frowning:

Sorry to say, BOClean is highly protective as to what it eats. =)

“true blue” didn’t say which “windows” operating system they are running… there seems to be a problem with people’s having corrupted “BOC425.XVU” files when using BOC with “windows vista”…

update: it was brought to my attention that there is only a problem with the BOC malware-databases when running 64 bit versions of windows…