My blocked zone is not blocked at all...

I added in my blocked zone Local area Network 2. Bu i hve acces in that network and anyone in that network has acces in my network. Looking at Network Security Policy > Global Rules i find 2 rules:

  • Allow All Outgoing Requests If The Target Is In [Local Area Network #2]


Allow All Incoming Requests If The Sender Is In [Local Area Network #2]

The 2 rules existed before i added Local Area Network 2 in my blocked zone, but after that those rule remains in global rules enabled as “allow”.
And question is:

The rules in Global rules that reffer to a blocked network zone, doesn’t have to be blocked in this case?

CIS 3.8.65951.477 64 bit

Vista Ultimate (x64)

Intel Dual-Core E5200

No other Security program(s) running…