My Blocked Network Zones

Can someone answer the following? I have a list of site ip’s in my blocked network zone section of the firewall feature of CIS. To avoid having to retype the entries to my other computers, i have searched for the folder and file where the data is stored, for the purpose of copy-pasting it. If you know the file location, pls reply.

Thanks in advance for saving my aching fingers from repetitive work syndrome! ;D


CIS stores its configuration in the registry, and I’m assuming that you only want to transfer the blocked IPs, and not the complete configuration, so try this the below.

Open up the Registry Editor on the machine with the list of blocked IPs (Windows-key + R, then write regedit), and go to the following location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\Firewall\Blocked Addresses

I use CIS 3, so if it’s different for CIS4, do a search for one of the IPs, and it should take to you the location. Next, right-click the key saying Blocked Addresses and choose Export from the menu. Save the file where you easily can find it (e.g. on the desktop), and then transfer the newly created file to your other computer (if you have no USB-stick, external hard drive or similar, upload it somewhere). Then, just click the file, and it’ll import the configuration on your other machine. You might want to disable Defense+ (or do this in Safe Mode), so that CIS won’t protect its own registry keys against being altered.

I am impressed with the speed of the reply as well as the clarity of the explanation. Thank you for saving me time as well as hand strain.

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