My blocked files are repeatedly changed using Comodo to harm my system

??? Below is a typed copy of my blocked files. Two days ago I removed these files from the blocked list. I don’t recognize the anitvirus libraries, but the exe file sure shouldn’t be blocked. I added the gomplayer folder to the blocked files because it has been putting the gom player icon on all of my xxx.dat files which confuses many programs.

This is what is there now everything I removed is back and the gomplayer block is gone.

contents of blocked files

c:\program files\Common files\antivirus\definitions\libNSIS.dll
c:\program files\Common files\antivirus\definitions\libRAr.dll
c:\program files\Common files\antivirus\definitions\LibVvs.dll
c:\program files\Common files\antivirus\definitions\libzip.dll
c:\program files\Common files\antivirus\definitions\remediations.dll
c:\program files\Common files\antivirus\definitions\vcore.dll

The proactive defense in the summary page shows it has blocked 25 attempts today
It has always shown 0 before.
I checked the log and it has been blocking access to my malware providers.
the 0 block shown has been incorrect because the log file shows a ton of such activity for more than a month.
I got infected by a trojan and a rootkit but my system is clean now and scans shows nothing on scans from
Panda,Karpensky, Malwarebytes, Avira, oldtimer ane Gmer

If the typing is hard to read it is because what I am typing is not visible on the screen

I found nothing that relateed to this by searching.

What OS are you on?

I checked in XP, Vista and Win7 (I have a triple boot system) and find a file with name smss.exe in the system32 folders of all three of them. However that is not written in capital letters so it could be a malware.

Upload SMSS.exe to Virus Total and give us the url of the analysis of that file.