My big allinone Wishlist

— Active Connections —
New Right Click Menu Items

  1. Copy remote (IP)
  2. Copy (all details, full string)

— Firewall Events —
New Right Click Menu Items

  1. Copy Remote (IP)
  2. Copy (all details, full string)
  3. Jump (to the fired this Event Rule/Policy)

— Network Security Policy —
Columns are Separated (App Names and App Paths) and Sortable (by Click on header)
Enable/Disable feature for Policies/Rules
Save/Load Buttons

— Save/Load Buttons —
Import/Export to/from plain .txt format (.ini or .xml etc. file)
In screens:
1 My Port Sets
2 My Network Zone
3 Predefined Firewall Policies
4 Network Security Policy

— Policies Editing ----
Copy/Add Rule option (Now there is replacing only - Copy Rule)

— connections logging to plain .txt file
— connection parsing feature

— internet activity monitor
— internet traffic reports
— connection blocking ability (buttons NoDownload NoPicture NoMedia NoFlash)

USING maybe:
Global Rules (NoDownload NoPicture NoMedia NoFlash)
or Plugin (Add-On)
or Proxy module
I vote for new product Comodo Proxy (+internet traffic saving as addition bonus)

Please support me. I am going to post this list repeatedly to keep it up. Enhancements and improvements are welcomed.