My bank blocks Dragon

My bank here in the UK (NatWest Bank) has recently changed their online banking policy and they no longer support “non-standard” browsers like Dragon. So I am unable to do any online banking with NatWest through Dragon. I wonder how long it will be before other UK-based financial institutions follow suit?

I realise this is neither a Dragon or Comodo problem but it’s certainly a problem for me. Welcome back Firefox.

Have you tried useragent switching extensions? They might be able to fool it. 88)

Hi ubuysa,
Do you receive any error messages to say it is blocked, or what happens?
The reason I ask is because, a lot of secure login sites simply need ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)’ to be disabled under the privacy settings.

Thank you.

I received no error message, the bank website simply refused to accept the connection and all I saw was the “This web page is not available” message.

I rather suspect it’s related to Dragon’s inability to run Trusteer Rapport which they don’t like, my bank is very keen on Rapport. I started an online chat with Tech Support at the bank as soon as it happened and they confirmed that “the bank no longer supports non-standard [sic] browsers”. I take that to mean they only support connections from IE, Firefox and Chrome - all of which can run Rapport.

I’m reluctant to try to “fool” the bank because if there is ever a problem with my account and the bank finds out I’ve been “fooling” them then I might find myself in the brown smelly stuff.

Hi ubuysa,
I totally understand that you would not want to get the bank off side.
My suggestion in my previous reply is just a setting within the browser about privacy, not a suggestion to trick the bank.
Some login sites require ‘suppress HTTP Referrer header’ to be disabled as they request which page has sent them to the page for security reasons.
In some circumstances the ‘suppress HTTP Referrer header’ is almost contradictory, in one sense it is better enabled for privacy and in another it is required to be disabled to show the page request is legit.
Privacy and security can sometimes go hand in hand, but in some situations such as secure login sites it can be quite the contrary.
I am not sure if you tried with this setting disabled?

In regards to Trusteer Rapport, did you ever get a reply?
CIS v6 and Trusteer Rapport


I have just tried it with “suppress HTTP referrer header” checked and I get the same result. I guess that if the HTTP header doesn’t say IE, Firefox or Chrome they do not accept the connection.

In regards to Trusteer Rapport, did you ever get a reply? [url=;msg648138#msg648138]CIS v6 and Trusteer Rapport[/url]

Nope, no reply - not even an acknowledgement.

Hi ubuysa,
Sorry that didn’t help.

Nope, no reply - not even an acknowledgement.
Not nice when you don't receive an acknowledgement reply, might be worth sending a reminder. :-\