my AVG 8.0.237 ,,, avg detected a virus while comodo firewall was updating

ok i have comodo firewall version 3.5.

when i tried checking for updates from comodo firewall , my avg said that a file that was being downloaded was infected, so i did the "move to vult "thing.

so i tried to update the comodo to the next new version by just going to the website

when the download was done i scan the downloaded program with avg 8.0.237 free.
scan went good,so i tried to install the new comodo onto my pc,guess what ?,
it detected the bug during install and would not let me update comodo firewall.

so for now i’m not going to update it till you contact avg site for me

why i want you to do it ?, it will better for you to do it then me ,their forums suck.
and i see you as the cooool "big guy.

just to help you out here on what false positive my AVG free is detecting.
i included a screen shot of what happened.

please help , i know more comodo user are going to
encounter this problem with AVG 8.0.237 free.

shutting down my antivirus will only ■■■■■ things up more.
i know this from past experiences

here is the screen shot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

[font=tahoma]This seems like a false positive. You should report it to AVG forums.
You can also try clicking ‘Ignore’ when this prompt comes up.

This is a conflict (false positive) because if AVG does not do anything about it, Comodo Pro Firewall cannot update.

Or… you can try disabling your AV and then update (assuming you have broadband). Reboot.

i tried to do that but the avg still blocks it ,how ever i did send the file to avg from the avg itself,and amazingly they did respond back to me ,lol, either today or the next few days they or i hope so,will fix this ,they replied that it was a fulse positive,let hope for the best, i will let you know ,if this has been fixed by them.

and oh ,to any one who uses avg like i do,when ever the antivirus does update,you should restart the pc after avg free updates,you dont have too,its just a good idea.

Actually, temporarily disable any on-access AV before installing CIS as it might conflict and cause errors during the installation.
You may re-enable your AV scanners after the installation is complete.

naw, i will wait a few days,like i said i did that and it still would not install, even the downloaded program would not install, i will wait, no biggie.
and i will keep you posted.
thank you so much for trying to help me .
this is a very good forum, hugs too you .

If the AV is disabled, it would not block/scan anything. Something was left active.

this is cool, i found this thread on this forum, i’m going to try and turn this part off.

Glad I could help.

16 May 2009,
Using AVG Anti-virus check! (Version 8.5.336) and trying to update Comodo Firewall version 3.9.95478.509, and the same problem re-occurs!
AVG promised in February to fix the false alarms.
Surely AVG & Commodo can work this out?


I had a similar experience with AVG.

Disabling the heuristic detection during Comodo updates seemed to do the trick - hardly ideal, but at least it didn’t necessitate the loss of all anti-virus protection during updates.

Sorry I can’t remember the details - I’ve now removed AVG - but it wasn’t difficult - advanced scan settings, I think. One of the things I did like about AVG was its user interface - I know it was quite easy to find the tick-box to disable and re-enable heuristics.

@RobQQQ and anotherforumid. Please report the False Positive at the AVG Forums so they can fix it.

Thanks in advance.