my apology - regarding dragon/flash

…after extensive testing between my 3 browsers, (CD, CID, & ‘ugh’ IE8), as well as several video sources, including but not limited to youtube, and several “ways” in which to view videos, I conclude that this is the deal: The only loss of functionality “I have”, is when I watch a video IN THE FACEBOOK PLAYER /w/ Dragon. If I go directly to a website, no prob. If it’s a “private” video from a FB member no prob.

The “news” website’s & other’s videos seem to redirect. It seems to be anything that opens in the FB player on Dragon. If I click the “text link” of a youtube to the right of the video thumbnail, it redirects to youtube & is therefore irrelevant.

All works fine in all ways /w/ IceDragon & ‘ugh’ IE8. So I apologize for any ruditys, impatience or “snarkyness” (thanx cyberfox). I’m sure Zuckyboy & his minions aren’t too thrilled about the privacy features of Comodo Dragon, as their business interests go in the other direction. I don’t “know” - whaddaya think?..

I made a basic paragraph structure for an easier read. Eric