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I am a user from China,
there are so many users from China,we think comodo is the best free firewall
But some of us can only understand Chinese,
So,we want a Chinese editon.
That’all,thank you.

Wei Niha Royale, (sorry for the poor transliteration)

Please refer to this link:,40.0.html to the Firewall Beta forum.

Chinese is currently available in this section, and will be included in the final release of version 2.4, which should come out this Thursday, if all goes well with testing of RC2.


There is also a Chinese forum. ;D,74.0.html

Thank your help, I can continuously support comodo.(sorry for the poor transliteration)

Thank you for your kind offer to help other Chinese Comodo users. It is very much appreciated.

Ewen :slight_smile: