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Well, I did my job! :wink:

Here is me, advertising COMODO.

Hope you all do your job. If so, we can quickly spread the word!


Excellent work Zizzy, thanks.
someone called Grami on the forum does not how to use the firewall. he thinks it leaks :slight_smile: pls enlighten him :slight_smile:



Doing it now. I told him to try go through the newer version.


@ Melih, not getting good replys. :frowning:


Nice easy interface
Popups can be set not to popup and annoy your app in the foreground (like games)
Smallish memory footprint


The auto wizzard is a piece of ■■■■. they rec u use it and for a novice it will be hell. it blocks some of windows internal ports that are needed to run.
There is also the slow boot up (even with secure boot off)

Well what can I say, you can take the horse to the water but you can’t make it drink!? some people do not appreciate what they have.


Hi Melih,

I have a suggestion on the advertisement. I recently ran a search about Comodo in Wikipedia and found that there is no entry about Comodo. Perhaps you can ask your staff or any of the experienced Comodo users to add an entry?

I think a well written entry about Comodo in Wikipedia goes a long long way in advertising Comodo to the masses. I thought of starting an entry about Comodo and all of its products in Wikipedia. However, having using Comodo for only 2 days, I am afraid I don’t have enough knowledge about Comodo to make a decent entry in Wikipedia.

I personally don’t mind starting the entry in Wikipedia (let me know if you want me to do so) but having a few experienced Comodo staff or users on my side would be great. So Melih, what do you think?

Yours sincerely,

How about sending Dean Kelly’s post to these sites? They then get a picture of the good and the bad side of dealing with Comodo.

Ok Good idea.

Everyone can you pls suggest what we should write into wikipedia pls :slight_smile:

Lets see what we, comodo community, can come up with :slight_smile:


Are you saying that Comodo is not responsible? They cleaned up the mess didn’t they?

Well, I don’t think Comodo forums are unique when it comes to being a victim to spammers!
You will see that spammers don’t differentiate and hit every forum they can.
What differentiates Comodo though is the amazing community we have and how helpful they are when it comes to helping others.


Erm Melih,

Is it alright to, say, copy some sentences from the Comodo Website and paste it in the Wikipedia? I am still in the learning stage of getting around in Wikipedia.

My idea of the contents of Comodo in Wikipedia is something like this:

  • History
  • Corporate affairs
  • Products
  • Criticisms (though I hate to put this in)

Try checking out the Microsoft entry in Wikipedia at [url][/url].
I think it is quite cool to have such a site there. For starters, I think we could start working on the History part. Can you provide some links where I can get facts on the history of Comodo?

Hey John,

“Dean Kelly” was about as real a person as the “Heaving Q. Lobotomy” that keeps sending you Viagra and Cialis ads. It was a spam bot that posted to the forums, not a real person.

Comodo are taking all steps possible to eliminate, reduce or control the instances of this occuring.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Well, I have a few younger friend(One 12, one 16, and one 60+ rofl) going in and out around this forum, I think the law will take actions againts them if you can find out who the spammers are.

A few friend of mine have a personal review Here:
Mostly just saying how powerful it is and eats less memory than ZoneAlarm, but too hard for novice pc users, blah blah blah, and some imcompatibility with some software.

We have the IP’s of the spammers, but I don’t think any other actions will be required, but it isn’t my choice either.

Added download banner to my site…

Don’t have time this year to add to the Free software page, but will add it next year… 2007.


Sir Stox

thanks Jadinolf… we really appreciate that.


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