My 866 fax number is invalid...can't receive faxes.

When calling my phone number from a normal phone, I get an 11-3 error that the phone number is invalid. (:AGY)

Please advise. I have sent a support ticket already.



Your support ticket was received and acted upon. The issue with your assigned fax number is related to the programming by one of our service provider that routes and maintains the toll-free numbers.
Trustfax orders toll-free fax numbers from our different service providers to accept calls from all US and Canadian area codes. If the case with your fax number, it was not accepting calls from all area codes which is an error in programming. Hence the recording that the number was invalid when you called the number.
Your assigned toll-free number was submitted to be reprogramed by the service provider.
The support email reply that you received earlier today explaining the issue also offered you a chooice to change your fax number or wait until the number programming is corrected later today.
We will send an email to confirm the completion of the reprogramming as soon as the toll-free number is ready.


I do not get this. I paid for a year of fax service and the fax number assigned to me does not work!

I called for help and the phone is busy.

What is going on?

I asked our guys to take a look at it asap.


A support ticket was created and emailed to you.
All trustfax numbers are active when you create the account whether the account is in a trial period or under a billing plan. All trustfax toll-free numbers are order from our telephone service providers to accept calls from all US and Canadian area codes.
Trustfax has tested the fax number and the fax number passes all trustfax testing - the fax number also answers with fax tones during testing. But since you are having issues, it appears that your assigned fax number is not accepting calls properly in certain area codes.
Trustfax has submitted the fax number to our telephone service provider for re-programming since the correction of the problem is outside of our control. The service provider is verifying the fax number to correct any routing and translation issues related to the toll-free fax number within their equipment and with the other carriers to ensure that calls from all area codes are routed properly to your trustfax account.

I just signed up and am having the same sort of problem…my 866 # rings up a pest control company. Will I have to change the fax #? Will I have to change it again if this happens again? Should I not print a fax number from TrustFax on my business card? (Will I have to change it from time to time? Is this normal for a pay service?) Thanks for your help!

this happens due to our service providers… sorry about that.
Mr Trustfax will be in touch shortly to resolve it.

To follow up…they called me, were nice about it, got me a new number and it works great. I had just joined, so my new fax # wasn’t really out there yet. No harm done…Good service.

Same problem here… Prestige account, paid up, phone number invalid, all operators busy, no answer on live chat

Please look into this.


Cavan Kelly

Emailing is the best manner to contact trustfax fax about any fax number issue. Trustfax does not have live chat. The live chat option is offered by other Comodo companies. Phone support is also available and if all reps are with other customers you can leave a message with your fax number and support will contact you.

i have the same trouble new 866 number, i received one fax but all others go to “error 57-3”