My 20 Zero-Day Malware Test

20 Zero-Day Malware - malwaredomainlist - recent updates.

Tested in VMWare WIN XP SP3 - Not a Professional Test.

Products Tested -

CIS 5.5 Suite - Tested with CIS 5.8 settings i.e in 5.8 under D+ there is a setting, dont give alerts with options allow/block, if allow selected, all the D+ popups will be allowed automatically, you will get only Unlimited Rights popup. Wanted to test this setting. Allowed all the D+ popups & Sandboxed all the Unlimited Rights popup.

Outpost Pro Firewall 7.5 - Tested with Realtime Spyware feature disabled. I only wanted to test how correctly Outposts new Application Ratings feature works against malware. Application Rating feature gives rating on every popups. Ratings are Trusted, Good, Moderate, Suspicious & Untrusted.

Adaware Free Internet Security - Tested with default Settings.

3 A’s i.e Avira, Avast & AVG - Tested with default settings & minor modified settings.

Test Results -

CIS - 5 malware got installed & were in the memory (Security Center, one was like Windows Security Center, one was like Windows Firewall Popup & one was kind of PUP & Xvidsetup.exe). I wasn’t able to close the first 3 malware mentioned above. I didn’t terminated them from taskmanager. Restarted the system. Nothing was in the memory & nothing started with the windows. But Security Center Icon was on the desktop. Security Center & Xvidsetup were there in msconfig - startup enabled i.e checked. Security Center & the PUP one were there in the control panel. Nothing happened when I clicked to remove Security Center. For the PUP one I got Unlimited Rights pop recommending Sandbox but the uninstall gave error. So tried uninstalling again & this time on the Unlimited Rights popup I selected allow & the uninstall was successful. CAV i.e Antivirus detected 14/20.

Outpost - 17 malware it correctly gave the ratings as Suspicious & Untrusted. 3 malware it gave the rating as Moderate.

Avira - Default detected 18 malware, 1 more malware was detected as SPR when under threat categories I selected all. Total 19/20

Avast - Default detected 16 malware, 2 more malware were detected when I enabled PUP. No autosandbox popup were there for the remaining 2. Total - 18/20

AVG - It shocked me coz its Behaviour Blocker i.e Identity Protection detected 12 malware & Signatures detected 6. Total - 18/20

Adaware - I found its Ondemand Scan kind of full featured & Realtime Scan kind of strip down as compared to ondemand. So first I did a right click scan & it detected 18/20. The remaining 2 were not detected by the Realtime scanner. Then I tested the 18 malware with Realtime scanner & it missed 4 malware. They were in the memory. I waited for 5 mins but no detection was there from adaware realtime scanner. So I restarted the system but was surprised to see that nothing was there in the memory after system restart. This was little shocking for me. Total 18/20 by Ondemand scan, 14/20 by realtime scan.