My 2 cents..

Good day to you!

I just wanted to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone at Comodo for releasing and spreading this lovely Firewall and Virusscanner, I use them both every day now with more then great comfort.

There is only 1 small thing, which I would like to point out (and help you improve the already good software).

With the Virusscan I had one small problem which was already mentioned on the forum, and was supposedly fixed with update I used the manual updater to check whether I have the latest version or not, which I did have. The problem I am having is this, when I do a full system scan, the virusscanner just locks up on one particular folder. (I excluded this folder, and the rest it scanned without any problems).
This folder contains a lot of subfolders, with an total of 2,93 GB of PDF’s, Presentations and a lot of RAW material. (I am studying a Master Degree at a graphical University here in the Netherlands).
The strange thing is this, when I right click the folder, it does scan and work, also the “on-access” scanner does not lock up at all, just the “full system scan” locks.
But when it locks up, I get a 100% CPU time, and after 45 minutes to stay “locked” at that folder I cancelled the scan.

I know it is a lot to read, but I wanted to make myself as clear as possible for your benefits :slight_smile:
As said before, I use the Virusscanner and Firewall with great comfort, and I really hope to see a lot more from Comodo, it just shows so much potential :slight_smile:

Then rests me only one thing, which is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


thanks for the feedback.

can i ask you to put the issue with the firewall into the firewall section pls.
the issue with the CAVS has been addressed ( i think) and the latest beta available in the beta section of the CAVS section should have this resolved already.


Firewall Question removed and moved to the proper section, sorry for that…