Mute sound will hang computer when CAV 5 is installed

Hi, I need some help with the following: On HP Compaq 6530b laptop there is a very strange problem.
If you mute the speaker in the task bar, the computer hangs immediately.
This seems to be a specific problem to this model as I have tested some other computers without any problems. If I uninstall Comodo the problem disappears. The Comodo installation contains only Antivirus with Defence + and sandbox disabled.

Any ideas?


Hi woodrow,

Similar problem with HP was reported previously

Briefly - it seems like you need to update the sound driver

See this old thread and links inside … or just jump to the end of that thread :wink:

Hope that will help

My regards

Thx! I will try that ASAP.


Thx SiberLynx! That did solve the problem, you are a :a0


Thank you for the reply , woodrow

I am definitely not a :a0 ,
but I’m very glad that you are back in business without … “silent hanging” ;D Cheers!