Must uninstall Comodo for connectivity

I reported a problem with the Cisco VPN quite a while ago — works with no problems with one server but cannot connect to a 2nd.

What I found unusual was that I could not connect to the 2nd server after I had turned off Comodo (even after a reboot). I had to uninstall it to get connectivity to that server. I have noticed similar comments in some of the other posts with connectivity problems that don’t involve the Cisco VPN – no connectivity until they did an uninstall.

Is there any explanation for this behavior?


Are you unable to get an IP via DHCP? Take a look at ans see if you have a similar problem. Can you connect using a fixed IP?

I just tried the latest version of Comodo -, and the Cisco VPN problem I had encountered has been fixed.

If your Cisco VPN uses a certificate for authentication then given its size you have to turn off the “block fragmented packets” policy under firewall → advanced → attack detention policies → miscellaneous.