must rename simeter to get Comodo to ignore it... part 2 of noob saga [SOLVED]

I realize there is something out there called simeter that is bad. There is also a simeter monitor (2003) which is extremely useful. No mater what I tried (exclusion in AV and in trusted file list, on the second re-boot, the start command would be null and the program itself would be marked read only and cannot be deleted even by me as admin.

So I wrote the following note to myself as to how to install it:

install simeter but DO NOT ALLOW IT TO EXECUTE. Rename it to fred.exe .

click on it.
In General options, UNCHECK “start application at startup” .

Later, right click on it in program files and create shortcut in START / STARTUP .

Else Comodo, on second boot, will null the app data roaming … programs start command, and will mark simeter as read only in prog files.
Then you can’t delete it, but you CAN install over it - go figure!

I consider this a “nuisance factor” but thought I’d share my work-around.


Well, EricJH kindly replied to my other thread here and pointed me at the “Comodo-appropriate” approach to something like this.

My simeter note now says:

install simeter, allow it to execute, and leave "start application at startup" checked. set up settings and apply and close.

Do not re-boot yet.

In Comodo / Defense+ / Defense + Settings / Execution Control Settings tab : click “Exclusions” button : Add/browse to simeter.exe and add apply apply.
This will allow simeter executable to survive. Else after 2 re-boots, Comodo will mark the simeter and folder as read only and you can’t use it.

In STARTUP, normal start is in HKLM run. if there is another stray with null argument just delete it - simeter likes to create one up in //apddata/roaming.MS/WIN/Start/programs .