Must reboot GUI after changing Security Level

If I change the Firewall Security Level, I have to exit and restart the GUI tray app to get the change to apply. No notice is given to that effect. The user may believe firewall policies are being applied as it is shown in the GUI, yet in reality, they are not.

For example, I change the Firewall Security Level from Custom Policy Mode to Disabled, but it continues to apply my custom policies until I exit the GUI from the notification tray and restart the program. Same problem occurs when I change back to Custom Policy Mode.

Intel Corei7 920
Win 7 x64 Enterprise
CIS 3.11.108346.552 x64 with Firewall and Defense+ installed. Defense+ disabled.
Admin Windows account, UAC disabled.

Hi Nekno,

That sounds very strange, cause the GUI is not the part that does the actual firewalling.
If you switch the security level it passes this action on to the cmdagent.exe that does the actual work.
So closing the GUI doesn’t make sense in this case, unless it “resends” the settings…

Can you expand a bit more on how you tested this ?

I get what you’re saying, but that’s what I’m experiencing.

See my description in my thread re: TortoiseSVN.

In order to use TortoiseSVN, I have to set the Security Level to Disabled, then close and restart the GUI. If I don’t restart the GUI, or at least shut it down, TortoiseSVN doesn’t work.

I can’t confirm the behaviour. As soon as I disable the Firewall from the systray Windows warns me there is no firewall.

Are your installs clean installs or upgrade installs? Both of you are on Win7 x64 I notice.

It’s been working (don’t have any particular fix but a reboot, which I had already done repeatedly), though the tray app GUI is still out of sync until I reboot the program. Perhaps this is representative of the fact that the settings I selected in the GUI were out of sync with the actual firewall policy being applied.

If I disable the firewall, the notification icon will continue to show inbound/outbound animation until I restart Comodo. When I do, I get the disabled icon. When I then change the mode to Custom Policy Mode, the tray icon continues to show disabled until I restart Comodo again.

Screenshots attached of the icon being out of sync with the firewall policy.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi nekno,

I think there is some confusion the red cross over the white line suggest the firewall engine crashed on your system, it’s not running like it should. The red cross has nothing to do with the “Security policy - disabled”.

Can you go to Misc, Diagnostics when it shows the red cross again, this should give a message that something is wrong with your install, and please let it try to fix it…

Also please have a look at your windows eventlog to see if you can find error’s like crashing cmdagent and or inspect.sys