Must Buy CIS To Remove Malware?

I keep getting a message that says I need to reboot my computer so COMODO can finish removing malware. After the reboot, I get a message that says COMODO cannot finish removing malware and I need to buy the paid version.

WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THAT? I thought CIS was to be free forever and that the paid version had live support and WiFi protection. Now I have to pay for CIS in order for it to remove malware? I have used CIS since beta and submitted suspicious files in order for the developers to build up CIS’s protection like pretty much all of us did.

If that is the case, then CIS is BS!

Not BS. All it means is that CIS cannot safely remove the infection. CIS Pro includes live support from a Comodo technician who will manually remove the infection.

I’ve had this once with a variant of “virut” and googled until I found a successful, safe manual removal method.

Do you recall the name of the infection? I may be able to find manual removal instructions for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It never said. I wish I had took a screen shot of the message. It happens during the automatic weekly scan.

I suppose you could do a manual scan, which should produce the same results.