Music: Which Is Better? (Re-Edit)

So…which is better?

(If you have any youtube or anything i can put them in here so YOU decide which type is better)

Dont Be Hating On Techno! :smiley:

Edit1: If Theres a tie…It Will Be a Battle To The Death! (If theres more than 2 that are a tie Then Hot Dang! Its A WAR!)

Edit2: [size=16pt]Wait! Before you choose Heres some youtube links for techno:

Dont ask why i made everything big! I Like BIG THINGS :smiley:

Not Big Edits (Size Wise):
Edit3: I changed it to “Which do you prefer?” because SOME people need to ALWAYS correct my SUPPOSED errors

Metal FTW, and its wining because of my one vote!

Which is better is a subjective question. It depends on who you ask and what they prefer at the time.
The above poll is therefore flawed.
I would suggest changing it to ‘Which do you prefer’

MUST you correct me? D:<

lol ;D

I think Frank Zappa once said “music is best”!

I don’t say it to be my own view, but some people only like, e.g, classical music, and have no choice for it.

The poll is thus not only flawed for asking “which is better”, as not only it is a matter of tastes and each of the available choices probably has as well good music (assuming of course such a thing could exist in Metal or Techno) than pure trash, but also for not letting polled people do other choices.

Invalid poll reason 1. Not enough choices of types of music, it should be all or nothing. :-TD
Invalid poll reason 2. Should be multiple choice. :-TD


Do you like to watch or listen to the YouTube-videos you posted? 88)

There’s no need to shout.

However, people search more for “which is better/best” than “which do you [I?] prefer”. So if you want more visitors via search engines, etc, you need to target the keywords “which is best”. :stuck_out_tongue:

SEO 88)

No Country? No Folk?

That isn’t music ;D.

Keep the gloves up Laser. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the options on that poll aren’t really music. 88) Only rock is. ;D

I agree with you there.