Multitasking AV engine

I really do not like, when the AV says:

That means, that you cannot update the DB, during scan and also, if you are doing a scan and browsing in the same time, the real time scanner does not scan.I’m browsing and scanning in the same time very often.

Most security apps has this little problem.

However when scanning some program won’t able to automatic and manual update.

To prevent file and engine are corrupt.

Updating the virus DB while running a scan wouldn’t be a good idea…

I don’t think this would be possible to do =\

Well,Kaspersky does it.Without my intervention.

At it’s current state, There is an option to update before scanning - Isn’t this sufficient?

Look, my general question was about the real time AV protection during manual scan. ;))The real time scanner doesn’t work when you do a manual scan.Or that’s the impression that I have after trying many times this thing.

Running manual scan screenshot of both scan and realtime.


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OK,maybe I’m wrong, but i think that sometimes it doesn’t work.Repeat, maybe i’m wrong.

How do they save the file when it’s in use?

I think that the scan is paused, the DB is downloaded and then the scan continues, but i’m not sure.

But wouldn’t this mean that all of the files that were already scanned would be scanned with an older database than the rest. I would prefer to know which database each of my files has been scanned with. Also, with memory scanning I am unsure that updating the database during a scan would even have any noticeable benefit as directly after the scan the database would be updated and if the malware is active it will be caught. I suppose that what I mean is that I think that updating the database during a scan would be more trouble than it is worth.