multiple XP users of IV

How does IV function in the multi-user environment of XP-Home-SP2?

I am new to Comodo Products having recently downloaded the antivirus and firewall- and managed to get it working which is no mean feat for mr. I am certainly impressed with the setup and the forums.

I am also interested in the I vault for use with multiple passwords and sites.

As r2baruch asked is it suitable for several users on the same computer running XP?

You should note that only the firewall beta supports multiple users but not the current stable version. The next stable version is expected to be be released during the second half of September.


Thanks for that - I will wait a while - I think I have tinkered enough just now.

I’ve tried the Comodo Firewall and like it so far, but also need the next version supporting multiple users in Windows XP. For now, I have to remove the program, and thus won’t receive the automatic upgrade when the new version is released. Will there be e-mails to registered users when the new version is released?

you can use the beta, it works fine