Multiple users

I downloaded and installed CAVS today on my friends computer. There are 2 user accounts on it. Both are listed as administrator. One account works fine. The other one will not work. The message says your beta does not support fast user switching and to log off the current account first. I did that and it still wont work on the other account. Will the newest version coming out at the end of this month correct that? I hope so because otherwise a very good program that I have been using myself since last November will be useless to him. Thanks in advance. :frowning:

I have the same problem with the firewall and with the antivirus… I do not think you have to worry about the security of your friends pc, let me explain:

Your whole pc is protected, but the gui will not show up in the other user acount… in other words: in the other acount the av will still protect you, but you can’t get to the gui… if your friends pc and the owner of the other acount needs to access the gui to change the settings, do a manual scan an stuff, this is indeed a problem…

I think the upcoming version of CAVS (CAVS v.3) will solve this problem, at least the installer should ask you if you want to install it just for yourself or for other user accounts…

ok, have a nice day!


Please don’t install CAVS 2 on a production computer as it is Beta & Development has completely stopped on it, Nore it’s not that effective.

Please use an Alternative AV until CAV 3 is out (Expected end of this month), Which will have incredible improvements.