Multiple updates/notifications a day for virus database.

Hi guys!

I’ve been using the Comodo-products for years now, but since my switch to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit the Comodo Antivirus (as part of the C.I.S.) keeps updating automatically.
Just what it’s supposed to do, you might say. Well yes, I’d expect an update of the virus database once, maybe a few times a week or so or even once a day, but not every half hour!

The pop-up notification message in the taskbar is “virus database is updating” and about 10 seconds later or upon clicking the notification “virus signature database is up to date” and this is happening a few times an hour. It’s VERY annoying.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the entire suite, tried adjusting the settings for notifications (not possible in the program itself and switching off icon/notifications in Windows obviously also removes the icon AND all legit/useful notifications as well…) but all to no avail.

Does anyone have the same problem and/or know a solution?

TIA! :slight_smile:

ps: everything else is functioning fine, it’s not hanging during updates or anything like that and scans work fine also. It’s just the endless updating of the virus database (and occasionally the program itself as well) that are bugging me.

Hi and welcome. These two links below should assist you. Kind regards.;msg454855#msg454855

Edit- Or you could just untick auto updates of DB in all scanner settings and update manually when convenient. You can also disable program auto updates in More, Preferences, General if that is more suitable to you.

Hey thanks :).

I did look at these options in the program before, but felt it a bit too risky to disable the auto-updates altogether even if it was only for this one section. I would have preferred an option to set a frequency myself (ie: once a day or week, etc.).

But as I understand it, it’s either the annoyingly frequent updates or none at all unless you follow the rather elaborate work-around by creating a dummy-file and schedule a scan for it…

Weird. I never had this issue with Comodo AV in the past… ???

Ah well. Thanks for your answers in any case. I appreciate the fast reply :).

Hi Hex5x. I am not sure why it was different in the past.
I know the link to the Topic below is quite old, but as you can see you are not alone with the wish to make update frequency configurable. Still has not happened though. Kind regards.
Edit- forgot to add link