Multiple Tray Icons

I noticed an interesting phenomena. After booting up my Windows 7 (X86) system, I noticed, after a few minutes, that an additional icon appeared. The icon only appeared for a few seconds and then disappeared. Is this normal and what is the significance of the additional icon?

What version of CIS are you using id look to see if its a update from 5.1 to 5.3…

same here with 7 Ultimate 32bit , CIS 5.3 new onboard, before upgrading to 5.3 never seem this problem.
It happens just one second, there are 2 icon on tray just after boot, not every boot but sometimes.
Impossible understand if is another CIS icon or CIS update icon, after one second it disappear, impossoble to investigate better with other tool becaus is booting

I have tested this on my uncle’s computer and I believe it would be the CIS Updater;

To Confirm; You are able to go to CIS > More > Preferences > Automatically Check For Program Updates

Hope this helps


It’s a bug.
I succeeded to catch that tray icon and start update (but what update when 5.3…1216 is the latest version?) and then appeared error report.
And in CIS > More > Preferences > Automatically Check For Program Updates doesn’t offer any update.

Nothing scary, just ignore that icon.

Thanks ice. I figured it might be an update issue. I appreciate your effort in isolating the problem.

And explorer.exe is trying to terminate crashrep.exe.