Multiple snapshots in one day despite the setting

i have the setting "Do not take a snapshot on startup if one snapshot has been taken that day " but i still have 2-3 snapshots per day taken at startup… (
I do not have any other scheduled snapshot.

I am missing something ?

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What version of CTM you’re using… v.2.8 ? Two things I’ve noticed on your screen shots :

1/ Though choose auto-defrag of snapshots regularly is a good practice, but defragging after deleting 1 snapshot is too often. I would suggest defragging after deletion of 5 to 8 snaptshots ! (currently I set auto-defrag after deleting 8 shots)

2/ Are you doing a lot of work with your computer ? cuz’ I saw some of your snapshots taking up 700MB to as high as 1500MB of disk space ! Whereas in my case on a usual day a snapshot would just take up 200~300MB. (my system partition is 30GB and I also set it to take 1 snapshot at start-up everyday)

p.s. if you are using version 2.8 you may consider switching to 2.9beta (found in “Beta Corner”).

my version is 2.8.155286.178

  1. noted

  2. i use my desktop as a temporary folder for documents and other files - but nothing big ~ maybe 200 mb. The baseline was done after i deleted all temporary files and cleared my desktop and i do not other programs for defrag, wipe free space etc. Two times i did a manual compact - from settings-protection settings just to see what is the amount of free space gained.