Multiple Request Allowances for Large Bit Torrent Download

We are trying to download a large dataset file that is available via Bit Torrent. To protect against malware, viruses, etc, we recently installed the Comodo firewall. When we attempted the downloaded, Comodo Firewall Alert immediately began asking for permission to allow connections from the Internet. We are getting a request for every remote address that is participating in and seeding the download. There have been hundreds of requests. Each one must be approved before the download will begin. This has been going on for an hour. And we still have not begun the download. I have tried setting a policy that might prevent this, for instance, a block approval of connections to our particular Bit Torrent client, Azureus. Nothing works. Any suggestions before we either turn off the firewal;l (and accepting the risks) or looking for another firewall product? Thanks.

Hi gmoseley:

Read this so you can configure your firewall


Hi Rolo,

Thanks for your suggested solution. I followed the tutorial instructions and they worked. We are all set. I appreciate your quick response.