Multiple Remote IPs [Resolved]

Hi, got another question, hope, that the last one.
Is it possible to set up multiple remote IPs in Comodo?
I saw there only possibility to set up: 1 IP, Range, Host.
I would like to set up a few IPs for Windows Media Player.
Otherwise WMP connects to all kinds of useless online shops.
I just need to allow only a few IPs to be able to play streaming.

Hi, I have just found solution, instead of multiple remote IPs, I use multiple aplication rules.
Like: TCP Out Allow to IP1, TCP Out Allow to IP2, TCP Out Allow to IP3, TCP Out Block Any IP.
Not sure about it, but in version 2.2, rule TCP Out Block removed all TCP Out Allow to IP rules?

This is where the priority of the rules comes into play. If your allow rule is ABOVE the block rule, it is tested first and would therefore allowtraffic that satisfied its test conditions. If it were BELOW the block rule, the block rule is tested first and it would never get to your rule. This is what the UP and DOWN options are for in the Network Monitor.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


I think Tom was talking about Application Rules, not Network Rules.


What I have found sometimes when creating multiple application rules, that Comodo tried to be efficient by merging ones that it can into on “bigger”/broader rule. Do you think that may have been the case for you?

Yes, this merging rules is usefull, as long as it does not mess the rest.
2.3 beta works fine so far, I guess, due to creating more satisfiting rules.
In 2.2 I got rule TCP Out to port 80. In 2.3 I get TCP Out to port 80 and to IP.