Multiple Protection Components are Disabled

When my subscription expiration was 10 days away, I started getting continuous nags. Which probably indicates that the product is so poorly received that you need to harrass the few subscribers you have several times a day. It reflects very badly on the product.

It’s still “8 days left” but I have this “Needs attention” and the message in the subject of this post.

There’s a fixit button. Click it and it asks to confirm rego # and supplies it. So I confirm, it says successful… but the components are disable message stays.

If those components are disabled because I haven’t renewed while I’ve still got 8 days of my subscription left, can someone with authority please say so… so I can see what I can do about initiating some kind of legal action?
I had to tolerate the same ■■■■ last year.


You’re fine its just annoying to see this and you would get this notification if you have any one of the components set to disabled and the AV database definitions haven’t been updated in 3 or more days. Do you even have any of the components set to disabled? Switch to advanced view to get a better overview of what each component is specifically set to.

Hey, futuretech

Thanks for your nice reply.

Yes, I have sandbox disabled. It used to always give me problems if I wanted to save stuff running in some app. If the app was sandbox during execution, I couldn’t save it. But I’ve been aware of that. It’s been like that for the better part of a year, with no warnings.
As a test, yesterday, I enabled sandbox and it made no difference.

Also, my AV signatures are up to date.

It all started happening on day #10 before my CIS subscription expires.
I’m sure it will go away IF I decide to renew.
But I resist doing things if pressured or blackmailed or harrassed by these childish tactics / antics.
As well, there’s freebies around that I can use for firewall and A-V so I’m sitting on the fence re : renewal.
But only because of this pressuring.

I was just wondering if anyone else had an unlikely explanation.
But it happening on day -10 makes that unlikely.
Hopefully, the owners of the software might eventually grow up a little.

You can install CIS Premium. It’s free and the same as CIS Complete, but without the tech help.

Thanks for the heads up on the Premium, L.A.R. Grizzly. I didn’t know that.

I don’t really mind paying for the thing – except that it does increase quite a bit (proportionately) each year.
I’ve subscribed for a few years and never used Comodo tech help (that buddy app).

Can Premium be installed over-the-top of Complete, preserving the existing settings/rules ?
Thanks for the help !

Do I need to install the components separately : CIS, Antivirus, Firewall ?
And update them separately ?


Sorry I should have been more clear, that warning is just a generic placeholder warning that you are getting because your subscription is about to expire. If say you did not have a subscription, and were using the free premium and had one of the components disabled and the AV was more than 3 days without being updated, you would get the same warning. When clicking on ‘Fix-it’ CIS would just perform an AV update and once completed, the status will go back to secure without even turning on the component that you had disabled. Now in your case with your subscription about to expire, clicking fix-it brings up the licence key activation window which CIS is expecting a newer code the re-news your subscription. You don’t have to renew and can just let it expire and cis should fall back to free mode. If you’re not planning on renewing but want to get ride of the notification, you can uninstall CIS and then re-install using the CIS Premium installer linked in L.A.R. Post:

I would export your current configuration, then uninstall CIS complete, then install CIS premium, after the reboot import the saved exported config and you should be all set.


Ditto here. Just follow what futuretech recommended and you should be fine. Be careful during installation. Choose the Customize Installation link when running the installer and it will let you choose how you want CIS set up.

Thanks to both you guys for the help and explanations.
It seems clear on paper.
I’ll chew on it for a few days before deciding if I’ll continue the subscription. Things won’t get improved if there’s no money coming in to fund developers.


PS : Both of you - your cool-headed replies have taught me one other thing… I probably need anger management classes.
Thanks for the first 2 lessons.

No problem. I find that ■■■■ helps to relieve the stress. :■■■■