Multiple Programs Attempting To Connect

After installing a program a week ago (from a semi-reliable source), I noticed that I began to have connection attempts from multiple programs to the same IP range. The range in question does not resolve to any domain name, and is registered to AT&T (for general use, I think). These connection attempts came from the program in question, but also from explorer.exe, dxsetup.exe, and svchost.exe. Do I have a rootkit?

The IP range, if it matters, is Destination port is 80.

EDIT: Screenshot of firewall log attached. Please help! If I have a rootkit I’d like to reinstall Windows ASAP!

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It is enough for whatever program to have a help, update, advertise link… to try to use dns resolution, including from explorer if done so when accessing the program from local disk browsing.

But we don’t know what a “semi-reliable source” is, and nobody is able to answer if you don’t say what the suspected program is.

After reading this post I guess that mysterious program is Unzbin.
And looks like it’s in Eaglewood, Colorado and looks like Akamai servers.

That would be correct. Why would multiple programs be attempting to connect to Akamai though? It is on port 80, not the DNS port 53.